Inflatable & Fur Costumes

Custom “Inflatable” and “Plush Fur” Costumes are a fantastic form of advertising and attracting attention. Detailed replicas of mascot characters are a great way to greet and entertain clients as they visit sporting events, grand openings, trade shows and special promotions of all types.

  • ARCC Inflatable Costumes
  • BearCats Inflatable Costume
  • Bird or Chicken Mascot Costume
  • Camden Bird Inflatable Costume
  • Chicago Bull Inflatable Costume
  • Colorful Spotted Dog Mascot Costume
  • Dog Mascot Costume
  • Foothills Knights Inflatable Costume
  • Fur Mascot Costume
  • Goodwill Inflatable Costume
  • Ice Cream Cone Costume
  • Large Polar Bear Fur Mascot Costume
  • Light Smile Tooth Mascot Costume
  • Malta Polar Drink Inflatable Costume
  • Navy Goat Inflatable Costume
  • Rat or Mouse Mascot Costume
  • Snuggly Teddy Bear Mascot Costume
  • US Army Inflatable Costume

Professional Awards & Accolades for Our Work

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